I now practice at Nashville Nutrition Partners. To inquire about working with me for diabetes coaching and nutrition counseling please visit the NNP site and schedule a complimentary insight session with our client care coordinator.

Get the tools you need to nourish, love and thrive in your body, every day

Wellness & Nutrition THERAPY INCLUDEs:

  • In-depth whole-health lifestyle evaluation

  • Goal setting + accountability

  • Personalized nutrition, movement, mindset and lifestyle recommendations

  • Wellbeing enriching practices

  • Education, tools and resources to fit your needs

  • Blood glucose analysis with feedback and development of diabetes self-management skills (if diabetic)


  • Find YOUR way to cultivate authentic health

  • Discover nutrition, movement and mindset strategies to fit your goals and lifestyle

  • Learn how to fuel your body and feed your soul intuitively

  • Be free from confusion around food and exercise

  • Find peace and love your body every day

  • Gain confidence and feel empowered to live your best life



This is a complimentary 15-minute phone call. During this time we'll learn more about your goals for working with a dietitian, discuss insurance and payment options and if you're ready, we'll guide you through the next steps to getting started with wellness & nutrition-therapy coaching. Limit one per person.



  • personalized, whole-health approach

  • health at every size

  • intuitive eating + exercise

  • body positivity + respect

  • mindfulness + meditation

  • medical nutrition therapy

  • cognitive behavioral therapy

  • diabetes self-management education and skill building

  • diabetes - T1D, T2D, gestational

  • pregnancy with diabetes

  • food allergies, sensitivities

  • weight concerns

  • burnout

  • food and body relationship concerns

  • general health + wellness

  • fitness & atheltics

Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it.
Watch your life transform and be healthy.
— Bella Bleue